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    Take Control of Your Bill-Only Process

    Give your rep-managed supply chain the same predictability and visibility as your hospital managed expenses. Automate and streamline your Bill-Only process to improve expense capture and reduce cost and cycle times.


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    EHR Accuracy

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    Reduction of Manual Labor*

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    Bill Submission No Late Bills

    *Example: $100M Bill-Only Transactions resulted in 17,000 hours of manual work annually pre-Casechek and 3,000 hours post-Casechek, for an 82% reduction.

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    Bill-Only Automation

    Automatically reconcile bills and generate No Touch POs™ with Casechek’s 5-Way Bill-Match. Our Payment Solution directly integrates and validates against your EHR and ERP. Casechek is the only solution that improves EHR accuracy, expense capture, and operational efficiency while helping to prevent off-contract purchasing.

    Problems we solve:

    Expense Cycle Management

    Improve visibility and control over the entire rep-managed supply chain. Ensure accurate revenue and expense capture, reduce procedural cost variation, and drive rep compliance.

    Problems we solve:


    The Impact of Your Bill-Only Process

    Casechek discovered Bill-Only data discrepancies and process inefficiencies at over 40 health systems. These discrepancies and inefficiencies represent a significant opportunity for improved charge capture, expense capture, and reduced process waste.

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    Eliminate Paper Bills/Sticker Sheets and Manual Reconciliation

    Paper bills and manual reconciliations are error-prone, inefficient, and, let's face it, annoying 🙂.

    On average, it takes hospitals over 9 days post-surgery to send a purchase order. Over 30% of purchase orders take 15-30+ days, representing $4M.

    Casechek clients have achieved:

    • 84% decrease in operational cost
    • 1700% increase in POs processing within 0-3 days
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    EHR Documentation Errors: Missed Charge Capture and Expenses

    Manual reconciliation and not capturing expenses on the patient record, like vendor fees, drove EHR errors across all measured clients:

    On average, hospitals have a 9% EHR Error Rate which represents $6.5M in misdocumented spend


    Casechek clients achieve <1% EHR Error Rate

    Off-Contract Spending, Overpayments, and Other Erroneous Fees

    On average, 30% or ~$22M is spent on non-contracted items. In addition, on average, vendors charge hospitals around $445k in erroneous fees, and up to 17% of accessory spend is on reusable items charged for single use.

    In fact, after using Casechek’s data, one client received significant rebates from a vendor for inappropriately charging for drill bits

    Inaccurate Procedural Analytics

    What does this mean for your procedural analytics?
    Unfortunately, they are probably inaccurate. With 9% of item spend misdocumented in the EHR, like vendor fees, your contribution margin per item is likely off.

    Casechek analytics are tied to the patient record and result in accurate financial insights down to the procedural level


    Gain control over your implant expense capture

    Non-Compliant Reps and Vendors

    There are countless ways for reps to take advantage of you - late bills, vendor fees, non-contracted items, etc. They also know you have little visibility for recourse.


    Casechek is the only independent tool (we work for you) with a proven track record of 97% compliance and 24-hour bill submission across procurement and payment.

    Improve rep satisfaction and compliance:

    • Mobile bill submission and management
    • Mobile access to approved bills and communications
    • Vendor & rep performance dashboards