Eliminate the uncertainty and expense of managing vendors and their inventory.

Using Casechek
Casechek 7 Trays Delivered On Time for Dr. W. Mann
Loaner Inventory Systems

Drive accountability and compliance around vendor inventory processes.


Reduce the financial and operational burden of processing inventory.

Scheduling and Vendor Information

Access scheduling, case, and vendor information right when you need it.



Hospitals spend too much time and money managing medical device vendors and their inventory.

Casechek’s lean, technology-driven process empowers hospital staff to coordinate (and automate) surgical case needs with their vendors. Our Customer Success Specialists drive vendor compliance through dedicated, long-term partnerships with customer teams. Casechek frees clinicians to operate at the top of their license without worrying about medical device availability.

Spend less energy on logistics and inventory, and you’ll experience improved vendor relationships, compliance and more time to care for patients.


Contact us to discover how Casechek can drastically improve your loaner inventory process.