Eliminate the uncertainty and expense associated with loaner inventory.

Using Casechek
Casechek 7 Trays Delivered On Time for Dr. W. Mann
Loaner Inventory Systems

Drive accountability and compliance into loaner inventory processes.


Reduce the financial and operational burden of processing inventory.

Scheduling and Vendor Information

Access scheduling, case, and vendor information right when you need it.


Hospitals and vendors are forced to spend too much time and money on the management of medical device vendors and their inventory. Casechek wants to change that. We bring transparency, efficiency and accountability to this often overlooked problem.

We develop automated systems and processes that eliminate the day to day headache and time drain caused by vendor management. In doing so, we make everyone’s life a little less stressful. With less time spent worrying about inventory, we improve vendor-provider relationships and allow the focus to return to the patient.


Contact us to discover how Casechek can drastically improve your loaner inventory process.