Implementing a Sustainable Vendor Management Solution with TriHealth

In collaboration with TriHealth, we presented the success of our vendor management solution at the 2018 OR Manager Conference. TriHealth knew it needed a new approach to vendor management and they partnered with Casechek to implement a sustainable solution. Check out our poster here!


  • OR and SPD leadership recognized staff spent too much time on the coordination of vendor supported procedures
  • Staff presumed the vendor was responsible to ensure all inventory was onsite and ready for surgery
  • Vendor communication and coordination methods were fragmented
  • Stakeholder accountability was limited and data was absent
  • Vendor tray throughput was manually documented
  • Vendor tray utilization rates were unknown


  • Implement a sustainable and streamlined case coordination and vendor inventory management solution
  • Improve transparency amongst hospital stakeholders
  • Increase tray forecasting accuracy
  • Decrease Lost Vendor Instrument Spent
  • Increase Vendor Delivery Compliance
  • Improve Tray Documentation Compliance